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Dzik was launched as HMS P 52. She was one of the U class submarines. After lost of Jastrzab KMW applied to British Admiralty with request of loaning a new boat. British support this solicitation and gave to Poles one of their submarines. During the launching, on 11.X.1942 ship received her name Dzik and a tactical number P 52. Dzik was returned on the 25.VII.1946. Crew was very similar to the crew of lost Jastrzab, and the commander of the ship was appointed lt. cmdr. Boleslaw Romanowski. After trial Dzik was sent for her first patrol, under the shores of Norway [without any events]. Then she was sent to the Mediterranean, with British Ultor and Dutch Dolphin. On 5.V.1943 arrived to Malta.
Dzik returning from the patrol
On her first patrol, on 24.V.1943 Dzik attacked an Italian oilier Carnaro [8 257 GRT] with four torpedoes, but the target was only damaged. After this patrol Dzik received her "Jolly Roger" [white belt - sunk enemy ship, red belt - sunk enemy warship, gun - artillery duel, swords - abordage, dog - operation "Husky", above swastika ship destroyed before capitulation of Italy]. On the next patrol Dzik fired three torpedoes to the Italian patrol boat, and another three to the unknown Italian troop, both probably were misses. In days 2-19.VII.1943 Dzik took action in operation "Husky" where she was blocking Tarenet Bay. When returning from patrol, Dzik spotted Italian submarine [probably Nichelio], which was attacking British Unshaken. Dzik fired two torpedoes but without any result, but the enemy submarine was forced by Poles to run away. On her fifth patrol, on 15.VIII.1943, near Bari, Dzik attacked Italian convoy consisting of two enemy ships. During this time the escort of the convoy was searching for another sub, which was attacking convoy, and how later prove this sub was Sokol! Dzik fired four torpedoes and Italian Goggiam [1 994 GRT] was damaged.
Dzik's Jolly Roger
On the next patrol Dzik was blocking the biggest port of Corsica - Bastia. On 20.IX.1943 she missed unidentified tanker and sunk transport ship Nikolaus [6 397 GRT - ex Greek ship]. Next day Dzik sunk three enemy landing craft. They were Siebel and MFP D landing crafts from 10 Landing Flotilla. After this Dzik was rebased and moved to Aegean Sea. On her ninth patrol Dzik, on 17.XI.1943, sunk ex Greek cutter. In the beginning of the December General Sosnkowski was visiting Polish ships in the Beirut. On her next patrol she attacked due to faulty recognition neutral Turkish steamer Tirhan [3 085 GRT], on 7.I.1944, but missed. This day torpedo break open the cover of torpedo apparatus and Dzik had to be repaired. On the return journey Dzik sunk enemy schooner, probably ex Greek schooner Eleni My.200 [90 GRT]. Next night she sunk again ex Greek cutter. On 5.III.1944 Dzik sailed to Malta and on 11.III.1944 she ended her Mediterranean Campaign. After this she was moved to Britain where she stayed until the end of the war, taking part only in drills. In the end of the 1944 year the new captain was lt. cmdr. Andrzej Klopotowski, and on the boat there were installed 'snorts'. In May of 1945 Dzik and Sokol were moved to West Hartlepool, where was staying, moved to the reserve, destroyer Burza. Dzik was returned to British on 25.VII.1946. Then she was transferred to Denmark in July 1947 and renamed U 1. In 1950 U 1 was renamed Springeren. Returned to British in October 1957 and scrapped in April 1958.